Amazon among companies sued by families of victims in Buffalo Massacre  


Buffalo (Tops) massacre victims

The families of four people killed in last year’s massacre at a Buffalo, New York grocery store filed a lawsuit last week. Several companies have been named in that lawsuit including internet giants Meta, Amazon, and Alphabet.  

Also named are social media platforms owned by those companies such as Reddit and Snapchat. Additionally, image board 4chan and its Japanese partner the Good Smile Company; three firearm companies; and the parents of the shooter, Payton Gendron. 

Last year, gunman Payton Gendron carried out a deadly attack at Tops grocery in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022. He was heavily armed and wearing body armor when he shot fatally shot ten people and wounded three others.  

“I’m hoping that something will come out of it. Everyday or every few days, all you hear about is a mass shooting,” said the sister of one the victims to ABC News of the lawsuit. “You’ve got to start somewhere, in order for them to get the message. These big companies only know one thing, money. So, you’ve got to hurt them. How many people do you want to see dead?” 

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