Black Owned Chicago Brewery will now be Sold at Major Grocery Chain  


Left to right: Jamhal Johnson, Damon Patton and Anthony Bell pose with a can of Moor’s Brewing Company’s IPA.

A Black owned brewery chain is enjoying a major milestone in its first t year of operation. Moor’s Brewing Company, which sells a session ale, an IPA, and an imperial porter, will now be on the shelves of Mariano’s grocery stores.  

“This placement is huge for us. It’s a tremendous accomplishment,” said co-founder Jamhal Johnson. “It just allows us to be exposed to that many more customers and sell that much more beer. Our goal is to be everywhere in Chicago, and Mariano’s is an absolute channel that will allow us to achieve that.” 

Moor’s Brewing was established on Juneteenth 2021 and is already growing at a rapid pace. To read more about this story click here

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