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We encourage everyone to speak out on issues that affect our community and family. That’s why we want everyone to submit articles, commentary or anything that may help the next person achieve his or her goals.



The Black Truth will be in the front of the pack when it comes to giving back to the artist and their creative spirit. We will try to provide the best platform and outlet for everyone to expose their talents to the world. In addition we will give music reviews for local artist and bands, keeping everyone alert about the latest trends and styles.



The mainstream media is being controlled by corporations who don’t have the interest of the people. What we tend to do is provide the resources necessary to improve individual lives, also try to improve the conditions of the communities in which we stay. 

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  1. Re: Common and Ray Wimley freestyle + What the fuck happened to hip hop post

    My name is Zachary Bako and I am the director of 3AM on Frenchmen, an independent music documentary with Ray Wimley as its lead.

    Reaching out to you today because I would like to share a unique story with you.

    Three years ago I came across Ray and The Harbinger Project on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans and their sound immediately piqued my interest.

    Long story short. We recently released 3AM on Frenchmen and I thought you would be interested in knowing more of Ray’s backstory and why Common (15 million views on BallerAlert alone) saw what he did in Ray.

    3AM is a great introduction into the next generation of true Hip Hop and the next musical movement to be spawned out of New Orleans.

    The film can be found at the below link.


    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Zachary C. Bako

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