2 Chainz talks about his Business Investments


Rapper 2 Chainz has been successful in the music business, but he also has done well for himself in the business world. Last month, the platinum-selling artist went on Instagram and talked about his investments. “So this Instacart, most of y’all know about it,” he said while showing fans the groceries he received from the delivery app.

“I invested in Instacart a while back,” he revealed. He continued by stating: “You know I’m a part of a few funds, VC funds, private equity stuff that I’m seriously thinking about starting my own fund where I can connect the dots be the bridge between people that don’t get these opportunities that I be getting, right?”

According to Atlanta Black Star, 2 Chainz has invested in Escobar Restaurant & Tapas, a nail salon called Pamper, an after-hours club called Members Only, a cannabis line, and two properties in Las Vegas. They also noted that he and hip-hop artist Juicy J invested in Heliogen, a $2 billion solar energy merger, in 2021. To read more about this story click here.

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