A Gangbanger Finds Redemption in Robert Townsend’s ‘In the Hive’


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The real-life story of educator-mentor Vivian Saunders is truly inspiring. The mother of two, she founded an alternative school, called the Hive, for troubled boys in Bertie County, N.C. “I see the potential in people that others have given up on,” she told the local publication the Bertie County Beehive. “When I view the world in this way, it allows me to identify people who are willing and eager to learn and have humility.”

That empathetic side of Saunders, as well as her inherent toughness and penchant for whipping up delicious meals, are all part of actress Loretta Devine’s portrayal of Saunders in “In the Hive.” Directed by Chicago native Robert Townsend, “Hive” has been making the festival rounds for a while and features one of the last screen roles by Michael Clarke Duncan, who died last September.

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