5 Fabulous Foods that Kill Cancer

According to some cancer researchers, during the course of a human lifetime the life-threatening disease crops up in people at least several times. The people never suspect that some cells have mutated into cancer because their immune system quickly identifies the malignancy and destroys the mutated cells. Why do some people die from terminal cancer, while others live past 100? Why does the deadly disease never taking root in their body? Certainly, genetics plays a significant role. Environment and stress also are factors. But diet, what’s in it and what’s missing, also plays a crucial role. Certain foods and additives can increase the likelihood of contracting cancer while other foods act as powerful anti-carcinogenics. Five such foods are the focus of this article. Intensive study has revealed these foods dramatically lower your risk and may cut the probablities of getting cancer in half.



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cancer 21. Hot peppers

Peppers, especially the hotter varieties have been recommended by Eastern mystics for many centuries. They claimed the medicinal properties of hot peppers were as effective as some of the best herbs. Especially helpful for combatting any wasting disease. Today, modern medicine calls wasting disease cancer.

Deciding to investigate the efficacy of hot peppers as cancer-fighting foods, nutritional researcher Dan Dou sought studied the extracts of ten common types of peppers. According to themedicinalpepper.com, the peppers Dou chose “were prepared and assayed for tumor angiogenesis and apoptosis. To his surprise, Dou found “that both fresh and dried pepper extracts were highly effective in killing cancer cells and inhibiting cell proliferation…” [Hot Peppers Vs. CancerTumor cell inhibition with hot pepper extracts]

The key seems to be the amount of capsaicin (a substance that makes a hot pepper hot) in the pepper.

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