A Soul Train Tale From The Original Goddess Keedah

Peace Folks I danced on Soul Train in late 75-78 and here’s a piece I wrote about it. I also did record promos for Soul Train records and SOLAR. I have blogs and vlogs online about it since 2008. If you want any other info let me know. Love, Peace and Soooool

I’m attaching my poem as well as a then photo and now.

By: Keedah

Article SubmissionOGK dancin yellow(3)

Once upon a 1970′s groove time in the City of Angels, there was talk of a some dance and play from around the way via Chicago.
The lines were knee deep of those waiting for a chance to take a ride on the Soul Train.
Lil Joe was big on the show and invited my older sister Choisette to party-ticipate.
Toward the track hoofed her stallion stack, dressing each carbon thigh boot, and red natural hair in a pink hot pants suit.

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