Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: Why God Is Still In Control not the Government

Calvin Holloway

Staff Writerhollywood

As I Contemplate This Mundane Question Who Can Answer It?

“I Can The Earth Is The LORDS And The Fullness Thereof“.Psalms 24:1

Our very Own Government that Is Created By The People, for the People, will not take any Input from those same People who  have put them In office.

America has reneged on the promise of freedom, and Religion because  everyone wants his and her rights to live immorally.The Very Fabric Of Our Country Is In a Chaotic Form; lawlessness is at a Supreme High and Is Engulfed In The Core Of Our Society. Lets Hear My Synopsis,If God Created The Heavens And The Earth Shouldn’t His Word Be The First And Last Authority? Shouldn’t it be the Final Word??????

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