Cuba says missiles and MiG fighter jets found hidden in sugar aboard North Korean ship were being sent to the secretive state ‘for repairs’

Included missiles, two MiG-21 jet fighters and  15 spare engines

By Anthony Bond

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Cuba has said missiles and fighter jets found  buried under sacks of sugar on a ship bound for North Korea were  being sent to the secretive state to be repaired.

The Caribbean nation admitted last night that  it owned the military equipment and said it was due to be returned to the island  once repairs had been completed.

The admission came after it emerged the  captain of the ship had a heart attack and tried to kill himself as authorities  in Panama attempted to board the vessel last week.

The 35 man crew – made up of North Koreans –  tried to resist arrest by rioting with the authorities.

The ship, which has been identified as the  14,000-ton Chong Chon Gang, was carrying missiles  and other arms ‘hidden in  containers underneath the cargo of sugar.’

It was seized last week as it tried to cross the Panama  Canal. North Korea is barred by U.N.  sanctions from importing sophisticated weapons or missiles.

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