DNA and “the Banality of Evil”

Mainstrem media ignores the real story with serial killer

Sikivu Hutchinson
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“Mainstream media fixation on the DNA evidence has eclipsed focus on the victims’ families as well as consideration of the case’s double-edged implications for communities of color in the U.S.”

The intersection of Figueroa and Slauson in South Los Angeles is an unremarkable one, a mundane swath fronting a gas station, an old train right of way, and a Harbor freeway overpass. It is the site of a spate of serial murders committed during a ten-year period by serial rapist and murderer Chester Dwayne Turner. Like the Grim Sleeper serial killer, Turner, aka the South Side Slayer, stalked South L.A. from 1987 to 1998 in pursuit of African American female victims. Until DNA evidence revealed Turner’s identity in 2004, his background fit the “stock” profile of the misogynist sexual predator operating right under the nose of local law enforcement.

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