ESPN Aids Authorities in Arresting a Man Accused of Making Threats Against Children in a Post about Lebron James


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Last month, when Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine told you about LeBron James‘ new exorbitantly priced sneakers, quite a few of you took to our comment section to rail against James and Nike for selling shoes that started at $180, moving all the way up to $315 for pairs that were sure to sell out no matter the cost. On top of that, we’re sure, some of you possibly brought up the potential for children to be robbed and/or assaulted by thieves attempting to steal such “valuable” shoes. Few of you, we’re sure, thought that your comments would eventually lead to the attention of your local police department, and possible arrest.

Then again, none of you apparently made the boneheaded decision to muse on record about killing children, as 21-year old Eric Yee allegedly did, even referencing the tragic movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colo., along the way. Yee is being accused of making his comments underneath an ESPN article of a similar nature, detailing James’ new signature shoes, and authorities moved in on Monday to arrest the Yale dropout.

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