Is Nikola Tesla the Blame for Hurricane Sandy

By: John H. Sibley

Article Submission

What is trully shocking to me is that in the past 150 years in America three of the most powerful hurricanes happened in just 52 days in 2005: Katrina,Rita, and Wilma.

” Barely a thousand years before the birth of  Christ, and again during the dark ages,”Bill Mcguire notes in his book A guide to the End of the world  that much of eastern Europe and the Middle East was battered by earthquakes and storms that leveled once great cities over an enormous area. There is no question that such tectonic catastrophes will strike again in our future.”

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  1. Bottom line: HAARP is an unclassified esiheltsambnt, so anyon can simply go along to any facility and have a look around. If they were doing anything dodgy the place would be classified with severely restricted access. Students go to HAARP for summer schools. The idea that this is some top secret weapon which America use to inflict earthquakes on foreign countries or for mind control’ is pure baloney. Conspiracy nuts don’t really have functional minds anyway.

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