Lebron Better than Jordan? Let’s not get Carried Away

By Ken Berger

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bronjordanThe visceral disdain for LeBron James — some of it admittedly expressed by this writer — was over the top and too much. It was too bitter, too angry, too raw.

Of course, the opposite has now happened. The pendulum has swung all the way back — overswung, like Charles Barkley in a tee box — and clobbered us all with our own pro-LeBron slobber.

The latest genuflection to King James comes from Team USA assistant coach Jim Boeheim, and we must inoculate ourselves against these comments with the proverbial grain of salt. Boeheim is a college basketball coach, and thus is prone to hyperbole — or rather, exists for the sole purpose of spewing hyperbole.

I recommend a grain of sea salt, by the way. It’s better for you.

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