Lil Scrappy Speaks On Legal Problems & Almost Losing Everything Over His Marijuana Addiction “If You Smoke A Lot Of Weed I Guarantee You Ain’t Gonna Be Able To Stop” [Video]

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Lil Scrappy has been on probation for five years stemming from charges related to a weed bust, gun possession and assault.

He sat down with VladTV recently to talk about his legal problems, his addiction to marijuana, going to rehab for it and how his addiction almost cost his his freedom and family.

For me [weed is an addiction.] Smoke when I wake up, smoke when I take a shower, smoke when I hop in the car, smoke with every problem and situation that come about. When you can’top something that means you’re addicted to it,” Scrappy said. “Anybody out there, if you smoke a lot of weed just stop…don’t smoke. I guarantee you, you’re gonna wanna smoke. I guarantee you ain’t gonna be able to stop.”

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