Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review






By: DJ Handspin Dinero

Article Submission

Timbo King “From Babylon to Timbuktu” VIP Advance Listening Party @ Rocksmith NYC  

I’m on my way to the Rocksmith store for Timbo King’s listening party. Timbo King, a member of The Royal Fam and Black Market Militia has been puttin’ in work as part of the Wu -Tang affiliates. Tonight is the night; he lets everyone who is invited to hear his debut of “From Babylon to Timbuktu”.  I would like to thank Matt Wyatt of Nature Sounds for the RSVP of this evening’s event. I arrived at the Rocksmith Store at 7:45pm; when your late your actually early. I’m the first and only person here thus far. A few minutes after me, some people came through the door with the beverages and food. I guess chicken wings and liquor are your standard listening party type of meal. I began to set up my camera and capture some footage of the Rocksmith’s clothing design. I’m feeling’ the Rocksmith’s store. The clothing hung up across the room; series of remarkable designer T-shirts, some T-shirts, Wu-Tang dedicated and Hip Hop Quotable.

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