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I finally get to break out my I pad and show off its net worth; actually that should read gross worth; after all, this item is expensive. I just made my arrival to the Brooklyn Bodega and Rocksmith Holiday Party in Boondox, Manhattan. Wow, who would have thought of being mugged or raped in SoHo? The reason why I say these things are because of the place that has been chosen to set up tonight’s event. A deserted SoHo block, not a soul in sight and its only 7:30pm. Talk about suspect. However, I did come out here to show my love and support to the Brooklyn Bodega family as always; as well the Rocksmith’s family. I will try and have an open mind and a good time.

Right now, we’re sitting in the backyard of the nightclub; where a Rocksmith table is set up with merchandise for sale. There will be a raffle taking place for one of there items as the evening progress. I’m here sitting in the cut, blogging as I speak to everyone. I always wanted to do this. Sit inside the corner of a party typing and have maybe a few eyes on me wondering who am I, what is he doing or what is he saying about us? Anyone who would like to know what DJ Handspin says; you’re welcome to visit

So far I haven’t seen anyone I know yet; besides, Fiona Bloom of The Bloom Effect. Then again, it’s kind of hard to find out if you have any recognizable faces in the place when you’re glued to the corner of a club, blogging.  The crowd is starting to swarm right in now. I can see this yard is getting packed. We can not stay out here the whole time. I know the event is only going till 10pm. I’m already feeling closure phobic. I sense my lungs closings in from the tons of cigarette smoke in the air. I can’t think about cancer air blowing in my face. I have the cure, ALCOHOL! I won’t get too wasted just enough to hold me down.

In case everyone will start to wonder why am I yapping so much, it has gotten to that point where this party may be too wack. No disrespect to Brooklyn Bodega and Rocksmith but its been an hour so far; nothing occurred yet. I’m not quite sure what is in store. From where I’m sitting, all I see are a bunch of trendy looking b-boys standing around; a few ladies, which are primarily the norm at Hip Hop gatherings. Besides getting a beer, I did take four pictures of the crowd. Not sure if this crowd, is camera friendly or in my case blog friendly. I did my part and came through to show love and support for tonight’s event. I’m going to keep it real, this shit is wack. If it wasn’t for this raffle that Rocksmith set up I wouldn’t be here this long. They put together a raffle tonight. It would be nice if y’all would call the numbers now. Let’s just hope I’m the winner tonight unlike this past Monday night at Professor Thoms. More than likely I won’t win but it’ll be okay. I could have actually jacked one of those raffle bags. There was a moment when the table was clear, no one around maintaining the fort. LOL! Because the old DJ Handspin would not have hesitated to do something like that.

Can you feel it? I know I can…It’s beginning to rain again. It’s only drops for the moment. At some point it may get hard and start tumbling down, like London Bridge. I thought, the raffle had never happened. According to Rocksmith’s staff there was a first part of the raffle reading conducted inside the club. Where was I? Where was anyone? According, to them no one claimed the first ticket reading. CLAIM! What about announcing the first ticket reading is more like it. I didn’t hear anyone do that.

By now, time was cutting close and near to the end of the party. It’s now, 9:45pm when they told me, the second raffle reading will happen in the next half. I thought about it and decline. I decided to close my blog and exit the event. I would like to thank the Brooklyn Bodega and Rocksmith family for inviting me here tonight. I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

I wish everyone who attended tonight’s affair a safe and healthy holiday season. All the best as we journey into Y2K12! Although I may not have had a good time tonight; I still manage to keep an open mind.

CEO: Jason “DJ Handspin Dinero” Lamar
Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group


This Article First Appeared in The Black Truth News Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2012

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