Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review #9


Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review




DJ Handspin Dinero




Making moves to the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, everything should be on and crackin’. I’m expecting, a New Year record broken than last year based off its capacity. I want to thank my man, Matt Diamond of Diamond Music Group/ Coalmine Records who screen printed this T-shirt I’m wearing today. I finally decided to cut off the tags and wear it in style. It’s an excellent design put together of one of my favorite 70’s exploitation films “The Warriors”.

The same way, The Warriors came out to play. Now, it’s my turn. I never know what to expect at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival aka “BROOKLYN SUMMER JAM”. That is what always makes the value of their occasion worth its wild.

This isn’t what I expected to become, “a mouse”. Seriously, that is how it feels as we travel through this maze that they call a park. Apparently, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, its location been relocated and no one knows where it is. We walked through the streets of Dumbo like a chicken with its head cut off. Everyone eventually found it down at this, new location pier 3. I never have been to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, before. I see Brooklyn is still competing with Manhattan and Queensbridge especially. What’s this I see here, boat riding in Brooklyn. We would try anything to bring tourists to our borough. I’m not going to hate though…”I LOVE BROOKLYN TOO!!”


I finally made it to the entrance where I connected with some of my homies. As usual they’re out there trippin’ over the cost of today’s event and making a big deal out of it, $40.00, $15.00. “THIS IS AN OFFICIAL HIP HOP SHOW”; Whatever price Brooklyn Bodega lays on it, is an excellent price. I already started taking notes to prepare my blog. I should be inside securing my spot closest to the stage to gain great camera projection. These dudes not even paying me any attention. They’re all into their conversation (hip hop, sports, retro radio, comic books and Gi Joe Cartoons). I’m about to shut them down and go inside in a few minutes. I did eventually get unto the line. Wow, this park is huge. I hope that’s not the reason, why the price went up to $40.00, LOL. Just kidding, everyone knows NYC Parks are free but then again in this neighborhood; I’m rather uncertain. Why is it, no matter where you go white people just love sitting on the ground. God if it’s not the ground there sitting on, then its either sand or grass. The point being there always sitting on something without protecting their clothing. And, they have the nerve to say we don’t have class. Actually most black people don’t have class except this one. It’s just that when you recently iron your jeans and shirt. You want to look sharp for Busta Rhymes and L.O.N.S. 

There are a lot of things taking place here. Shout out to some of the vendors… New Era, MCMI, Sacred Stitch, Zip Car, the Redbull Mobile DJ Truck with Dj Wayne Ski & Dj Bazarro kicking up the noise. We got Blue Ribbon in the house, y’all know wherever there is a rap party; the rap party beer got to be there to.

Rusty Jabbz gives a shout for today’s hosts: Kosha Dillz and Video Music Box Icon, Ralph Mc Daniels. I want to thank Ralph Mc Daniels for last night’s episode of Video Music Box. I just loved the way you were gettin’ everyone prepared for today’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Especially, the special dance mix video for both, Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy” and Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” that was something crazy you played.

You know what else was crazy? Hearing Marty Markowitz spit a dope rhyme; He must have a ghostwriter or something, I can see MC Marty Mark is getting better. Way to go Marty like my shirt says “CAN YOU DIG IT!”. I want to thank Marty Markowitz for passing through to pay tribute and shed light about the upcoming 30th Anniversary Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series in Wingate Field, starting Mon. Jul. 16th.

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