Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review #10

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By:DJ Handspin Dinero

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What a lovely day, to sit on a “STOOP!”

 Temperature is high 76 degrees warm with some sunshine giving way to clouds; periods of rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon. WOW!!!

 That’s kind of ironic don’t you think?


Today is actually the rain date to the “Stoop 2012”. Originally it was to take place on July 28, 2012, but due to the threat of a thunderstorm on that day, the event was rescheduled to today. Now after reading today’s weather forecast off my phone, it looks like we may experience some of the things we tried to escape from three months ago.


I’m not the type of person to say, “I told you so!” LOL, who am I fooling’? Of course I like to tell people, “I TOLD YOU SO!!!” I told you so Fokus, you shouldn’t had postponed the original date for a new date. It may not be raining yet but it’s very chilly out. The little bit of sunshine in the sky doesn’t help in any way to restore good weather conditions and the people’s comfort. 

 fort greene sign
I finally get to experience today’s event bought to you by F.O.K.U.S; I’m really looking forward to it. When the invite was originally issued to me several months back, I couldn’t help but to think of “THE STOOP 2012,” as some sort of party on your front stoop, (LOL). 


I know, as juvenile and immature as that sounds, I recall last year around this same time (October 8, 2011) on S. Elliot Place, in front of the Spike Lee’s Joint for the “BROOKLYN LOVES MICHAEL JACKSON Tribute Celebration.”


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