Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review> Issue # 12

rusty 2

Now pay close attention as I break this, Hebonics shit down. Today was the most interesting day I have had in such a long time. After observing and experiencing the lyric wizardry of Hebrew emcees. I been somewhat aware to Hebrew emcees in Hip Hop but never knew the movement was deeper than expected. Until I came across, Sneakas – Hebonics 101 mixtape Guest Starring: Paul Rosenberg. Paul Rosenberg, I was never sure if he was Hebrew or not. If you look at his skin tone, he’s look more Hispanic than Jewish. I’m sorry, Paul if I may have offended you with that comment. I always thought Paul Rosenberg was more of a stage name. I never knew it was his actual name and his actual religion behind the name. 

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