Senator Geraldo Rivera? Seems Unlikely the Fox News Pundit will Run

The Fox News pundit says he’s eyeing a New Jersey race, even with his professional exploits and years of excessive personal baggage. A look at why the dream will remain a fantasy.



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geraldoGeraldo Rivera wants to be a United States senator.


Imagine the 30-second ads against him: here he is getting his nose broken by a neo-Nazi in a brawl on his daytime talk show.

Here he is melodramatically opening Al Capone’s vault and finding … a few old bottles.

And did I mention that his memoir, filled with tales of the women he has bedded, is called Exposing Myself?

I like Geraldo, but this is delusional. And something of a stunt. He’ll milk it for a bit and then decide he wants to spend more time with his microphone.

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