The Israel of God Sabbath Day Services

The Israel of God Conducts it’s Sabbath Day Bible Lesson Every Saturday!

Click the Link Below to Watch Live Stream From Your Computer


  1. I am very grateful that I have found a service that teaches directly out of the Bible. I look forward to every Sabbath
    Day and it has prompted me to read the Bible every day…seeking knowledge and understanding. Thanks to The Israel Of God.

  2. I am really left speechless after my first few visits here. What truths have I been missing for too long! wow! I sort of feel even ashamed that I did not know some of these truths that are being taught here. I am so old and received the LORD so long ago to not know some of these truths. No one, out of all the churches that I have been to has taught me. All I heard over the years was a lot of fluff and about how to get wealth and prosper. (shameful lust) Thank you Most High Father for leading me here, and thank you teachers for obeying the Lord and teaching His people! Praise The Lord!

  3. Thank GOD for giving Bro.Bike as a teacher. I wish I had known years ago about this teaching of the truth. I’ve been some of everywhere, but I’m SOLID now. What so ever I learn I spread can’t keep it to myself. Thank GOD for JESUS

  4. I am so grateful that I came in contact with iog I have been going to church all my life n no one ever taught me on this truth all I ever heard was we r gentiles n we was cursed now thanks to tmh I am alive spiritual

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