Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit: “The Game God”


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Only real hustlers know about the Game God. He’s one of those mythical entities that exist for the purpose of keeping order in the land and establishes law where there is none. He’s also a crutch for real niggas. I was twelve or thirteen the first time I heard about the Game God. Uncle Tone and I were sitting on the cut and this fine woman walks up to me and asks for a dubb. I was still wet behind the ears a little (1988, I remember because Big Daddy Kane was bumpin’), my lame ass said, “You’re too fine to be smoking this shit.” The woman didn’t respond, she smiled, I served her, and she rolled out. After the woman left Uncle Tone punched me in the shoulder and said, “Nigga, you don’t preach to no other street nigga about they bid-ness! Game God don’t like that shit!”

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