Why Dating Makes No Sense

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

It has been my intent to write this article for about a year now. I want to talk about some of the misconceptions that surround dating and I how I feel about it. I also wanted to share a few recent experiences that I had with women who I went out with. After exiting a long-term relationship; I decided to get back on the scene and mingle because I was single. For some odd reason, I thought that I would find my new mate through dating. 


  1. Man what did I tell you Bro you don’t find A wife dating chicks. You find A wife when your not looking for A lady. I’ve been with my wife for 35 yrs and I never dated her I’m serious I found her while dating other chicks and with my concept of WOMENS I always had A $100 limit. I’d go out with chicks and it’s on them how fast they get to $100 dollars of my money spent. We don’t get to go to $101 ever If 1 Benjamin ain’t enough spent then she’s best to get A baker if she likes playing with niggaz dough. I met my wife in the projects in Chicago. She wasn’t high maintenance or A money grabber. She came from A two parent home and her Mom had died A few years earlier. I met her when I took my boy home from work to the projects. He got out the car and I said to him dude who that chick over there and he said my sister. I said to myself I have to introduce myself. So I did and I left but I came back latter and hollered at her and she said man do you know where you at I said yea in the “Hole” that’s what they called those projects on 5400 to 5100 on Federal. She said let me walk you out of here I said I ain’t scared she said I know that because you came up in here by yourself. So she walked me out and the next time I kicked it with her I was out partying with my boy and his chick & that nigga said “Spoon” you ain’t got know hoes I told him I know I don’t but I got A lady. He said right it was about 5 AM and he said prove it. I said at 5 AM you wanna call A “HUMBLE” on me I told him what’s the split. He said if you got A lady call her up and get her to fix us breakfast. I told him I don’t have to call I just have to show up. So we just went to the crib, my lady’s house and I went in and said honey could you fix us some breakfast she said sure, have A seat. My boy was looking stupid because he put the challenge on the table for something he couldn’t get done for himself. I knew that because his chick was with us I never told him get your chick to cook us some breakfast he’ll she right here with us. But naw I had to show him the difference between A lady and A hoe. We ate breakfast without no arguments she didn’t asked where I was coming from or where I had been till 5 Am in the morning all she said was did y’all get enough to eat. I’m still with this women today and been locked in with her since 1985 My boy got married too but it didn’t last A year. Loyalty & Commitment are the fabric of A good marriage love come naturally. You always find the things you want in pretense of not looking. Search for Jesus and he’ll send you the right lady to marry.

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