Why Don’t We Just Kill All the Mosquitoes?

Answers to every possible mosquito question

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Is it my fault that I get bit a lot?

In some ways.

Only females mosquitoes “bite” us, right? Is this heteronormativity?

They use our amino acids to help them lay eggs. It’s not a social construct. Our blood isn’t mosquito food or money.

The traditional understanding is that carbon dioxide is what draws mosquitoes to us. Smithsonian summed up other research recently, which, if I were to condense into one sentence of advice: Don’t have type O blood, don’t be a large person, don’t exhale, don’t exercise, don’t get hot, don’t be pregnant, don’t drink even one beer, don’t have parents who got a lot of mosquito bites when they were your age, and don’t wear bright clothing or otherwise call attention to yourself.

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