Black Truth News Mixtape Review>>>DJ Slugo & DJ Trey: “Respect my Grine”

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

dj slugo

DJ Slugo & DJ Trey new mixtape “Respect my Grine” BMF> Volume 8, is a self-explanatory title to the two DJ’s game plan with this new Mix-tape. They sought the who’s who of the Chicago Hip Hop underground scene, to present a full length mixtape with options for a variety of audiences.


The 33 tracks upon first glance, makes the journey to listen to this kind of exhaustive.
Initially the songs did nothing to dispel this thought. I’m not a big fan of the repetitive “trap sound music;” If I wasn’t reading the track list, you couldn’t tell the artist apart.


Parris Bueller made an adjustment with a song called “Lil ass Booty,” I know, but it’s catchy and sounded good. After listening through the middle of the mix-tape, I got picked back up, with tracks like “Hey Hey, Hey” and “My Life” from Tray Day was a good change of pace for the listeners. Once you get into the CD, the blending of the music by the DJ’s, gives cohesiveness to the project. Although the bonus tracks featured some notable’s guest like T.I, my favorite track had to “I won’t forget” by Swagger. I thought this was a good mixtape, I can see you riding with this to the club.

I’m familiar with DJ Slugo from the Chicago “juke music” scene. He is known for filling the dance floor with fast pace dance music, not rap music. So Building my Fan base mixtape makes perfect sense for the DJ. Overall I give DJ Slugo and DJ Trey “Respect my Grine” a high C Plus. It’s definitely worth a listen.  


This Article First Appeared in The Black Truth News Volume 3 Issue 11

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