Jack Daniels brings Rap Contest to West Side of Chicago

Sponsers for new drink offers opporunity to aspiring artists

Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

O.K my Impromptu visit to ITC Barbershop got me an interview with Sadat X. My second voyage was to check out the Open Mic session that takes place there every Wednesday. When I arrived, I got surprised once again, but this time it was by Jack Daniels tour bus parked in the middle of the street. There were cameras, a couple sexy models, and a few rappers hanging out kicking rhymes with each other. This was my introduction to Jack Honey’s Jack-N-For-Beats Tour. I recognize the host Twone Gabz from the hip hop scene and even though I was there on some other business. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let the people know what these talented artists have coming up next for the public. As I agree to interview one, more start to pop up. I couldn’t get everybody but I decided to sit down with the host and Def Squad member Twone Gabz, also Chi-town hot spitter Carone Barone and finally Chicago legend Coldheart from the group Crucial Conflict. 

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