NFL Playoff Predictions>>>>Sunday’s Games

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

I’m typing this ten minutes before Sunday’s kickoff of  the NFL Divisional playoff games. No i’m not waiting for the last minute injury updates, or analysis from the experts; and i’m not ashamed of my losing record (0-2) from yesterday games. Quite the contrary, in fact no one on the losing teams should be hanging their heads this morning, well not unless they went out to the bars last night, got real drunk, and woke up with a  complete stranger who already has their photos posted on Instagram. But they shouldn’t be ashamed of their performance Saturday evening; both games yesterday were exciting, competitive, and entertaining.

The reason i’m late with the predictions is because I sometimes double as a bouncer for a Chicago sports bar on Saturday nights. Yesterday was sweet because I got paid to watch those epic games on the big screen, but it messes with your equilibrium, when you get home at 4 in the morning and wake up at 11, correction open your eyes at 11, because I think I’m still sleep now; but I digress. The point is I’m not cheating; I haven’t had any extra information that will alter my picks that I already had made the moment the match ups were announced. So without further delay; here are my picks for today’s games.




This game starts at noon in the Central time zone; but it feels like its six in the morning when you had to travel from the west coast (Seattle) and make it to the east coast (Atlanta) to play the game.Which is what the Seattle players had to do in order to play the game. The fatique of jet lag may hit early, but late in the game watch out for Russell Wilson, the Seahawks rookie quarterback, this is the time where he shows he is a star in the NFL, leading his team to playoff road victory.

Seahawks: 31>>>Falcons: 27



Follow me as I give my best Ahmad Rashad impression: My main man Tom Brady has five Super Bowl appearances and three, count them, three Super Bowl rings. He starts out by facing a Houston Texans team that features Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster and quarterback Matt Schaub. The two teams met in week 14 of the regular season and the Patriots came out on top 42-14. OK I’m stopping now because Ahmad probably would then shift to his one on one interview with Tom Brady or one of the stars. I have none of that.

Patriots: 36>>>> Texans: 28

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