Oh No He Didn’t

By: John Jackson
Article Submission  


Just In Case He Was Wondering…..romney

Why he didn’t get elected president of the United States.


Mitt Romney was addressing a crowd in Prattville , Alabama this past Monday when he stated:
I understand how difficult it can be for an African-American in today’s society. In fact, I can relate to black people very well indeed. My ancestors once owned slaves, and it is in my lineage to work closely with the black community. However, just because they were freed over a century ago doesn’t mean they can now be freeloaders. They need to be told to work hard, and the incentives just aren’t there for them anymore. When I’m president I plan to work closely with the black community to bring a sense of pride and work ethic back into view for them. 

If this is the next U.S. President and leader of the free world, we will be IN TROUBLE!!!! LORD, HELP US ALL!!!  (Prayers Answered)
Read Full Article Here: http://www.freewoodpost.com/2012/03/13/mitt-romney-i-can-relate-to-black-people-my-ancestors-once-owned-slaves/ 

Article First Appeared in The Black Truth News Volume 4 Issue 2 Feb. 20th 2013

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