Misconceptions about the Mayan Calendar

By:Levi Baldwin

Article Submission  

There has been a lot of hysteria over the Mayan calender and the date December 21, 2012. The majority of it is media hype and ignorant speculation so I felt it was time to share some REAL facts


mayan picBack to the Future

First of all, the Mayan calendar doesn’t end in 2012. The Mayan was extremely interested in future events. There are numerous ancient monuments detailing events occurring past 2012 far into the future. It continues into the 23rd century where they predicted the return of their astronaut king K’inich Hanaab Pakal.

King Pakal was made famous in the series Ancient Aliens because on the lid of his sarcophagus he is depicted as sitting in a rocket ship. There was a 3D scale model made of the sarcophagus and although some people don’t agree with the alien theory most scholars agree King Pakal is operating some type of mechanical ship.

In the south of Mexico archaeologists, anthropologists and other experts met to discuss what the Mayan Long Count calendar made up of 394-year periods named “Baktuns” actually means. It’s estimated that the Mayan system which began counting in 3114 B.C. will reach the end of its 13th Baktun (exactly 5,125 years) on December 21st 2012. Then a new cycle will begin…no cataclysm or global destruction.

A civilization as advanced as the Mayans would never just stop recording history because of speculation. The apocalyptic prophesies you hear on the news and in the media are less than a thousand years old. They were most likely started by some religious fanatic that misinterpreted the end of the 13th Baktun. From there everyone afterwards took this mistake as fact and started perpetuating the apocalypse scenario. Due the research!! Don’t fall for the hype in the media.


Article Appeared in The Black Truth News Volume 4 Issue 1 Jan. 2013


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