Simone Biles: A Decade of Dominance in Gymnastics 

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Simone Biles made history by winning a record 8th U.S. Championship. The victory comes a decade after she won her first championship. Biles’s dominance in the sport makes her one of the greatest if not the greatest American athletes ever.  

“It just doesn’t feel real for some reason,” Biles said after the victory. Biles, 26 became the oldest woman to win a national title since USA Gymnastics began organizing the event in 1963. Despite her age, Biles says, “I still feel like I’m capable of doing it.” Biles says she has more goals but would like to keep it to herself.  

“I like to keep (my goals) personal, just so that I know what I’m aiming for,” Biles said. “I think it’s better that way. I’m trying to move a little bit differently this year than I have in the past. I think it’s working so far, so I’m going to keep it secretive.” 

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