State of Ohio Gets a L On Behalf of Machine Gun Kelly, Katt Williams and My Uber Driver

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Initially the title of this was supposed to say that Cleveland gets a L. Then I found out that Katt Williams is from Cincinnati not Cleveland, so I had to give the whole state a L instead of one city. First let me say that I have nothing personal against Cleveland or any city in the state of Ohio. To be honest, I have absolutely no quarrels with the three individuals. In fact, I think Katt Williams is extremely funny, Machine Gun Kelly is a decent rapper and my Uber driver was nice. It just so happens that the MGK and Katt Williams made headlines for their participation and statements, which I felt qualified them for the loser category. While my Uber driver was simply a person a scenario that turned out to be an unfortunate one for myself. But I still repeat that this is no disrespect to my Midwestern brethren’s in the state of Ohio. It just a convenient coincidence that they are from your state.

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