The Realness of Cardi B is Why We Love Her


Cardi B kept it all the way real about her getaway trip to Puerto Rico with her husband Offset. “I just had to get f*cked, that’s all,” she said on her Instagram Live. Cardi B has been rejecting Offset pleas to win her back, but explained the trip with him is what she needed. “I feel rejuvenated, bitch. Bitch, I feel so rejuvenated. I feel baptized. Bitch, I feel f*cking baptized, bitch. I feel like a brand new f*cking woman.” she exclaimed. This realness is why we love Cardi B. Watch her video below

Cardi B admitted there was only one reason why she was in Puerto Rico with her husband Offset: “I just had to get f***ed”.— The Swype ™ (@TheSwype) December 24, 2018

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