They Need to Know That (Change)

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Guest Writer

Love thy neighbor, don’t change your behavior. Change your self. Change is the savior.

Change is the word, Change is the labor. Don’t beg the next man, asking for favors.

You’re asking for danger, nothing is free.Not even the air; some people don’t care.

Change ain’t fair, that’s why we get old! Wrinkle of your self and the world look cold.

Some people may fold: That part don’t change.

 But you stay true, even with the fame, even with the name;

Change is action— Personal reaction from the people satisfaction.

At first they were laughing!

Change cause jealousy, some people get degrees, some people get felonies. 

Change the discrepancy and use your weaponry.

The Power of the mind and then you will find.                                                                                         


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