Yvonne’s Spiritual Healing: “A Wounded Child”


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“For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.”  – Psalm 109: 22 


A wounded child, wounded by whom; a family member, mother, uncle or aunt.

Or was it a stranger that invaded your life. A child who loves their family, knowing their actions were un-Godly. 

Where is God in all of this madness?  Who do you turn to?

What’s the alternative?

Who stole your innocence, your childhood; your youth. How deep are your wounds?

That pain you carried throughout childhood. Is that pain still buried in the back of your mind?

Does it constantly surface, haunting you one day at a time?

Desperate for affection, feeling empty, needy, still searching for your identity; Unlearned, untaught about the grace of God; you’re still stumbling through this world all alone and lost.

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